How to use a 3G phone to view the camera?

The camera provides the ability to view the cameras monitored through your mobile phone as a live video stream, it supports the telecommunications standard of 3GPP streaming format. All 3G enabled mobile devices and most 2G phones that support the streaming standard of 3GPP are compatible. Otherwise, you also can view the pictures even if your phone is not 3GPP compatible.For example, if camera’s external IP address is and external port is 8151, then type in your Internet browser address bar of mobile phone, the login screen will appear:

To click the “Picture live” button if your mobile phone is not 3GPP standard, then you can view the pictures which will refresh every 3 seconds.To click the “3GPP stream live” if your mobile phone support 3GPP standard, and the following screen will appear:

Note: You have to click “Setting” button, make sure that the Mobile stream is enabled and the RTSP authentication is disabled before you view the 3GPP stream live.