Firmware v4.21 Build 20101016 Release

1. Add Enable/Disable Storage in Storage setup page.

2. Change the NTP program, it will keep check NTP server 1 time every day, if the time is difference more than 5 minutes, it will update the system time of camera.

3. Add NAS support, you can select NAS or SD in Storage setup page.

4. Improve wireless search function, show the WiFi auth, Encrypt, and Channel in SSID list table page, and automatically take effect Security mode and Encryption type after select wireless network in SSID list table page.

5. Improve the wireless test function.

6. For NAS storage, add snapshot file limited number from 1000 to 10000, and recording file limited number from 1000 to 10000.

7. Add Enable/Disable Wireless in Wireless setup page.

8. Fixed the bug that WiFi WPA key can't include space character.

9. Fixed the bug that can't show correct when setup schedule in none everyday mode.

10. Fixed a problem when NAS remote path is not setting.

11. Update the DDNS client since change theirs protocol.

12. Enabled the Wireless function after apply the searching SSID

13. Change the word from setting to settings in MJPEG and QuickTime live page.

14. Fixed the problem that there is any selection in Record in Record on alarm setup page.

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