To improve and maintain the company’s market leading position, ANBASH offers cutting edge products using the latest technology of the network video area. The basis for this is the long-term work with ANBASH’ technology development platform, which means that the solutions for the future are analyzed, assessed and developed today. ANBASH has more than 10 years’ experience of research and development in network video products. Development is characterized by a high rate of innovation and a high level of quality.

Since the company was founded, development has focused on hardware and software for network video products. ANBASH works with open systems, which means that ANBASH’ products can easily be integrated with other security solutions. The focus is currently on solutions for product area Video, which includes cameras, accessories and application software. In recent years, software has become an increasingly important component. The work is aimed at four areas:

*Image quality 

*Image analysis 




Chips developed a high level of security and performance
Networks form the basis for ANBASH’ products, and the company has a great deal of experience and expertise in this area. Network security is of utmost importance, and ANBASH is continuously developing secure network solutions. This involves focusing efforts on ensuring a high level of performance in the chips used in the company’s products. The chip has been developed by ANBASH for use in network connections. It forms the basis of virtually all ANBASH products. The chip handles calculations, memory storage and communication with the network. The small size of this energy-efficient chip means that it can be used in compact products.


Image quality a central issue
Ten years’ experience in the area has indicated a clear trend – the demands on light-sensitivity and dynamics in network cameras are becoming increasingly stringent. During the year, ANBASH has been involved in long-term work to develop a high image quality which meets future requirements for network video products. The chip is built into the company’s cameras,it is an innovation which has further strengthened ANBASH’ leading position in the network video market, since the chip is not only cost-effective but also offers great performance, good bandwidth efficiency and excellent image quality.


Image analysis
The market is facing a paradigm shift which means that active surveillance will replace passive, with intelligent video as a central feature. Intelligent video means that a network video product can, for example, identify registration plates and count the number of people. Intelligence in cameras is central to the network cameras of the future, and this places demands on the components used in the equipment. Intelligent video means that the chips must be able to process more information and handle images with higher resolution. ANBASH’ work on image analysis development has resulted in the company obtaining valuable experience and a high level of expertise in the area.


Optimized internal flows
Continuous improvement is important if ANBASH is to maintain its leading position in the network video market. During the year, product specification and the product development process have been optimized further, which has streamlined the market launches of high quality, innovative network video products.


Patents safeguard innovations
ANBASH pursues an active patent strategy to protect its core technology investment and intellectual capital. During 2007, applications for five new patent families.


Collaboration with colleges and universities
Since the start, ANBASH has collaborated actively with universities and colleges. The company continuously offers students the opportunity to carry out degree projects. Every year, the ANBASH Award is presented for the best degree project in the network video area.