Company Profile
     Anbash Ltd., established in 2006, Anbash is a hightech corporation specializing in research and development, manufacture and market of security cameras, IP network cameras and other surveillance products which are commonly used for home security and monitoring of small to medium sized businesses.

     We have a superior R & D team consisting of young experts who have engaged in the field of Network Digital Audio and Video products for many years. They have rich practical experience and strong sense of occupation respect, are working constantly with new technologies to ensure ANBASH stand at the peak of progress. The core of the ANBASH product offering is its IP-based technology platform. Our chips are regarded as industry-benchmark core components within the network-management and communications and image compression areas. The technology enables easy installation and provides compact and powerful solutions so that equipment can be rapidly and securely connected to virtually any wired or wireless network.

     We provide OEM, ODM and total solution for customers all across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia who have done very well in their markets. Advantages of partnering with ANBASH: To provide you with outstanding technology at reasonable price; To supply high quality products, rapid market response and unparalleled customer service; To offer the customized sample faster than the industry standard-10 days for OEM and 30 days for ODM; To be flexible in handling the orders even small or big.

     We strive to develop innovative and progressive technology so that we can provide our customers with intelligent and straightforward solutions. What you think matters is what we care about. We hope a small step we take will lead to a big change in your life.